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AUST is a swiss electronic producer and full-time score composer (under his real name Tijany Bacci). By demonstrating his universe with sound, AUST reveals an immersive experience of music, from electronica to ambient and IDM. Nestled in the garage of a former electricity factory, AUST experiments with selected tape recorders and analog synthesizers to feed his music with organic textures. From his early days on London based Enhanced Records to his debut album “The Beauty Of Dying” (2022, Althaus Records) his music marked a smooth shift from joyful complex tones, to more serious and intimate songs. His 11-tracks-opus was brought to the stage in the shape of generous extended versions with AUST singing, revealing his music’s hybrid character between dance and cinematic performance. Other current works includes commission for international advertising campaigns, movies, documentaries and tv shows. 



AUST first album "The Beauty of Dying" (Althaus Records) was released in November 2022 in a digital version as well as a vinyl edition. This opus made of 11 original tracks plunges us into introspection where the music transforms into images and sensations, with an hybrid nature between electronica, ambient and IDM. AUST plays the bass and sings on the entire album.

In October 2023, AUST releases “Nights“ (Blizzard Audio Club), a 5 tracks EP made of some reworked versions of the album tracks. These edits are highly inspired by the live experience and stage energy. AUST is now presenting his live show in clubs and festivals.



BOOKING (Romandie)




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