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With 15 years of experience as a professional composer and with more than 7 millions plays with 4 acclaimed EP, AUST produces a dense and emotional electronic music. Passionate and autodidact, he surrounds himself with tape recorders and analog synthesizers to feed his music with organic textures. Little influenced by passing fashions, he places the search for beauty at the centre of his artistic approach. The listener is immersed in a world that is accomplished and impregnated by a powerful melancholy, the true signature of the project.


TO BE CLASSIFIED IN: electronica / ambient / IDM (intelligent dance music).



Born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Tijany Bacci started working in the audio-visual field in 2006 as a sound recordist, then as a composer for advertising and cinema, an activity he has been carrying out since then as a freelancer. In 2013, he created his own recording studio to dedicate himself more seriously to musical experimentation. The AUST project was born two years later, in 2015. With new ambitions, he has been active ever since, releasing several EPs and tracks supported by the public, some influential radio stations and channels. Also with a good experience of the stage thanks to a tour with an immersive live concept, the project is now at a turning point with the release of its first full-length.


The debut album of the electronic music producer AUST is called "The Beauty of Dying" and consists of 11 original tracks. It was released on November 16, 2022 in a digital version as well as a vinyl edition. Melancholic and powerful, this hybrid opus plunges us into introspection where the music transforms into images and sensations. Listening to this record makes you very happy or very sad, depending on the feeling that was already there a bit before. Its atmosphere is conducive to reflections on the passing of time, the perishability and fragility of life. There are arrangements of dizzying depth and electronic flights of fancy that end in a climax. The effect of this release takes the listener into a slight sonic a rush before jumping into the void, perhaps to fly away. The artist plays the bass on almost the entire album and puts his voice on all tracks featuring vocals.

In octobre 2023, AUST continue the album adventure by releasing “Nights“, a powerful and accomplished 5 tracks EP made of reworked versions highly inspired by stage energy and live experience. 




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